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  About Us

   Our company prides itself on bringing you the largest, highest in quality and most unique choice of Polish poster art. We are based in Los Angeles, California as well as Poznan, Poland so we have direct access to the multitude of original Polish posters and can get you exactly what you are looking for in a fast and professional manner.

   We offer a varied inventory of poster art, from vintage to contemporary, including rare graphic prints, one-of-a-kind poster design originals and limited edition prints.

   Here you will find great examples of what Polish Poster is known for with its distinctive style, artistic merit and intense expression.

   Transart's owners, father and son team, Mick Jaroszyk and Jacek Jaroszyk are long time collectors of poster art, a life-long passion started over 30 years ago by Jacek Jaroszyk. Today their collection is one of the largest in Europe and contains some of the rarest and most prized Polish posters. Together they operate "Galeria Ikonosfera", a prestigious poster gallery in Poland, known for its superb installations and poster exhibitions organized all around the world - see "Special Projects".

   We will be happy to answer any of your questions. We guarantee authenticity and originality of each and every one of our pieces. We also fully guarantee your satisfaction or we will fully refund your money.

   Please visit our virtual gallery and we are looking forward to helping you enlarge your own poster collection.